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My Story

Creating jewelry has been a lifelong passion

A passion that began in 1983, during a three-year goldsmith apprenticeship under a master goldsmith near Frankfurt, Germany.

My journey brought me to California, where I worked for a custom goldsmith in the City of Orange, CA, for 14 years, adding many more bench and stone setting skills to my repertoire of techniques. 

​In 1999, I embarked on my own business, designing and creating fine jewelry ( and selling the work at juried fine art festivals throughout the country.

A dream came true in 2003; I became a proud citizen of the United States.

Materials and Technique

To give our clients the best wearability possible, I handcraft each piece out of a silver called Argentium Silver. It is a sustainably produced newer brighter-white silver alloy. Hypoallergenic and more tarnish-resistant, it can be heat-treated to increase hardness.

Conflict-free, sustainably produced, lab-grown diamonds accent my pieces.

Keum-Boo is a centuries-old Korean gilding technique, which allows me to adhere 24K gold foil to silver with only the help of heat and pressure. (You can see the process here)


​With this ancient Keum-Boo technique, I create contemporary jewelry pieces that have a fun, lighthearted, everyday but tailored appeal.

My aim is to bring a smile to anyone's face who wears them.


artist in workshop

Uncertain about the future of fine art shows in 2020 for my gold jewelry, I decided to revisit a technique (Keum-Boo) learned in my apprenticeship, create a new line of silver jewelry and offer it online.​

We are open to inquiries, questions, or to discuss custom orders. Please use the form below or call: 949.204.0429

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