What makes Argentium Silver responsible and sustainable?

Argentium silver is certified to be made only from recycled silver. The company producing this alloy guarantees traceability. Using recycled silver reduces the environmental footprint, saves natural resources and energy.

Is Argentium Silver hypoallergenic?

Argentium silver has hypoallergenic properties. This means that it can often be worn by people sensitive to traditional sterling silver.

How durable is Argentium Silver?

Argentium's unique formulation means that it can be more easily "heat hardened" than sterling silver. A process of quenching hot Argentium Silver in cold water, then heating it in a kiln at 580 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. I add this extra process to all of our Argentium jewelry pieces.

Is Argentium Silver tarnish resitant?

Argentium Silver is more tarnish resistant than sterling silver. The small amount of added germanium causes this alloy to resist tarnishing. As all silver, though, Argentium is not tarnish free. To help prevent tarnishing, I add a clear high-end jewelry lacquer to all our handmade pieces.

Is Argentium Silver brighter and whiter in color than sterling silver?

Argentium has a bright white color, closer to that of fine silver. Its unique formula creates a silver alloy with an incredible natural brightness that outshines white gold, platiinum and traditional sterling silver.

What is Argentium Silver?

Argentium silver is a modern, more tarnish resistant silver compaired to traditional sterling silver. It was developed in the 1990s by a British university proffessor named Peter Johns, who researched the effects of germanium addition to silver alloys. There are a few different Argentium alloys. My favorite, and the one I use, contains 93.5% pure silver. Traditional sterling silver alloy contains 92.5 % pure silver. In Argentium Silver, some of the copper found in traditional sterling silver (7.5 % copper) is replaced with the metalloid germanium.