Care & Cleaning

  • Our handmade jewelry pieces have a clear high-end lacquer applied to protect them from tarnishing, and to protect the black patina seen on some of our pieces.


  • Clean with a damp soft cloth. To remove buildup, simply use warm water with a squeeze of a mild dishwashing solution and a soft toothbrush.

  • Do not use any commercial jewelry cleaners or harsh chemicals. They are not needed and can harm the lacquer, patina and the silver.

  • Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner! The vibration will likely damage the protective lacquer.

  • Since salt, chlorine, and some solutions can damage lacquer and precious metals, please remove your jewelry before bathing, swimming, using a jacuzzi, or washing your hands.


  • Avoid hitting jewelry against hard surfaces (at the gym, file cabinets, etc.).

  • Our silver chains (with or without a patina) are not lacquered. Build-up can be removed as described above. We ship a polishing cloth with every order containing un-lacquered pieces. Or the customer can use over-the-counter silver cleaner. 

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