Black Patina

A selection of our Argentium Silver jewelry is decorated with a beautiful black patina. A naturally occurring process (silver reacting with the sulfur in the air) is re-created and sped-up in the workshop with the help of Liver of Sulfur.


Technically, Liver of Sulfur is a "not well-defined mixture of potassium sulfides". In reality and in the workshop, it is a very smelly substance (think rotten eggs), that needs much ventilation. 





Applying the Patina


A steam-cleaning and electro-cleaning process ensures the jewelry pieces are perfectly clean. 

Liver-of-sulfur in raw form.jpg
Steam Cleaning jewelry.jpg

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Electro Cleaning.jpg

Steam Cleaning

A small piece of Liver of Sulfur is dissolved in hot water, the jewelry is briefly suspended in the solution, removed, brass-brushed and re-dipped. The process is repeated until a deep black finish is achieved.

Adding black patina to Argentium silver

Finally, two layers of clear high-end jewelry lacquer is applied to the darkened pieces to help protect the patina.