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Mikado Cuff Ring

Mikado Cuff Ring

SKU: R0782B00-001

A game called "Mikado" lends its playfulness to the Mikado design series. Strips of gold decorate the pieces seemingly in a random fashion but are placed with purpose and attention.


This cuff style Mikado ring has a fun, but tailored feel. The open bottom creates a very comfortable ring.


Size 7.5 is in stock. Please select other sizes from the dropdown menu. Your ring will be made once the order is received.

  • Handmade from sustainably produced Argentium Silver, it is embellished with 24K gold and features a beautiful black patina. A high-end clear jewelry lacquer has been added to protect the black patina.


  • Ring measurement: 0.55 inches wide at the top, tapering slightly towards the bottom.


  • Any jewelry with a patina, especially high-wear items like rings and bracelets, needs to be handled with more care to avoid abrading the patina.  
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